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Internet purchase cool summer long

Date: 2013-08-08

Heat of summer cooling demand has become widespread. Various cooling equipment has become a necessity for everyone, but close to the outdoor temperature is 40 ℃ clearly tells us not to run out, then stay at home in front of the computer all these cool summer is undoubtedly the share back netizens choice.

Air conditioning fan

For air-conditioning sales peak, Jingdong Jingdong Mall recently launched celebrate appliances section, together Gree, Midea, Hisense and other 15 major air conditioning brands, the audience 7.5 fold. In addition to the limited time spike activities, special district and region has its discount brand discount of $ 200-1000. If there are plans to buy air conditioning family of online shopping to seize the time to select the right air conditioning it.

According to data provided easy fast, easy fast network in July conditioned over 60,000 units were sold, reaching 150 million yuan in sales, compared to last month, sales growth of 200% over the same period last year is more than 600% . Easy fast network will also air conditioners, refrigerators for those hot summer Electric launched a dedicated promotional activities, where air conditioning is one thousand minus one hundred full, participating brands including Gree, Haier, Midea, etc. family of online shopping where you can enjoy lower price of air conditioning, the urgent need to address the summer heat of the family is a very good promotional activities.

In addition to buying a new air-conditioning products, hot weather also led air conditioners, refrigerators and other products in the market second-hand hot summer heat, from fair network data show that, with sustained high temperature did not fall, people on air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, electric fans, refrigerators, etc. increasingly strong demand for second-hand products. Currently air conditioners, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, electric fans are hand home appliances trade fair network ranked list of the top ten, summer related products, visit appliances accounted for 50% of total overall visit. For online transaction risks that may arise, fair network used channel manager to remind the user to avoid the first pay after delivery transaction, try to choose face to face transactions, the transaction must be managed in a formal request seller invoices, pay attention to product newness , must not take any cheap and deceived.

Cool food

Fierce sun people watching on the dizzy, brew a cup of refreshing drinks are also very necessary, Jingdong on the launch of the corresponding promotional activities, mainly so the tea brewed promotional grain-based, audience as low as one fold. Its promotional form of new products every day, at preferential prices to attract family of online shopping. The promotion includes green tea, black tea, brewing beverages, imported olive oil, flavored grain, rice grains, dried foods seven categories, including tea and brewed classes can reduce pathogenic fire that summer.

Fresh fruit is definitely refreshing cool summer essential food, and Yunnan fruit is sweet and enticing. Lynx on the launch of the "Yunnan fresh taste" promotion special. That the promotion of fresh fruits and Yunnan specialty mainly divided into heavy recommendation, freshest seasonal, Yunnan flavor, peach drunk Chinese these parts. Good refrigerated transportation technology, and the Yunnan government, Ali agricultural support, online shopping family can enjoy the best fresh from Yunnan.